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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2019 12:30am-12:45am CET

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discomfort. subscribe to the documentary. u.s. growth is expected to fall this year out according to new notes from the federal reserve the world's most important central bank now says it isn't sure what to do amid a global slowdown we'll give you the details. and peru is a major source of gold for international markets now the government is deploying its military to root out illegal mining of the precious metal. also are you struggling to nail down the hairstyle of your favorite president or dictator
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a barber shop and one noise has you covered we'll give you the details. i'm stephen beard thanks for joining us federal reserve officials saw host of new threats facing a still hot u.s. economy when they met in january that according to new meeting notes released today the notes show the justification behind the central bank's january decision to hold off on an interest rate hike but the fed also left room to raise them later this year the u.s. economy has been booming even as other economies have slowed but the fed now expects u.s. growth to be slower than in two thousand and eighteen. and for more on this let's go now to our financial correspondent new york jose luis de haro jose what's the reaction to these notes. well diminish the usual yellow was to get a clearer picture behind the u.s. central bank decisions in the latest a monetary policy meeting the fed did not increase rates and say no that it will be
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patient when he becomes a smarter and now we know that the considerations such as softness in inflation the government shutdown are global economic slowdown or a trade negotiations with china were behind this decision we also need to have in mind that if potential risks ease defect will revaluate patients we probably need that we could see one hike this year at a time that investors don't see any happening at all and some even talk about a rate cut in december also it's worth noticing that the fed will probably and there were duction off balance that this year an essential piece of information for the market since some calculations estimated that increase so far equals at least two to interest rate hikes of twenty five basis points each. trade also being driven today by u.s. china talks as a has been recently what's the latest news today. well for now investors i believe to progress the trade negotiations so far will be enough to
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convince trying to extend it through the necessary and even see a reasonable deal between march and may need help in the event that deadline gets extended by the wall we seem to be some agreement on trade trade reduction or strengthening intellectual property rights all the demands made by washington like end of subsidies cyberattacks told aerated by the chinese government or eliminated forced technology transfer seem is still in the air also i keep question is how both parties will ensure compliance so there is a still a lot to be done and what seems sure is not going to be solved in over a week so maybe more questions than answers with us china trade talks was a luisa haro there for us in new york thanks was a. u.s. president donald trump has confirmed that additional tariffs for european auto imports are still in the cards earlier this week european commission president john clarke said he believed trump would honor a commitments made last year not to impose more tariffs trump told reporters at the
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white house that the ultimate fate of the automobile tariffs depends on whether the u.s. can reach a wider ranging trade deal with the european union to downplay the recent commerce department report calling imports of european cars and auto parts a security threat. samsung is launching its highly anticipated foldable smartphone the galaxy fold is set to hit stores in april where it will cost are you ready for this almost two thousand dollars the device folds like a wallet when collapse it resembles a traditional smartphone with a four point six inch screen when open it looks more like a mini tablet with a seven point three inch screen samsung is also releasing three versions of the s ten smartphone in the coming weeks the global smartphone market has however cooled recently with newer models showing fewer big i. dates but bigger price tags.
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how much should a kilo of bananas cost that might depend on who you ask the lower the better for consumers in the supermarkets that supply them but the farmers and the exporting corporations that represent them say they need livable wages now germany's development minister says the government should play a role. last fall the german supermarket chain only said it planned to cut the price it was willing to pay for a crate of bananas supplied from ecuador from eight to seven year olds. but farmers there resisted the move they're already been struggling financially plus ecuador has a statutory minimum sell price for exported bananas. the ecuadorians have now stopped supplying ali. meanwhile berlin has called on german companies to ensure fair pricing and production conditions called it was acknowledged that customers need to get the message across sets would be good if not we'll have to introduce binding rules on social standards no child labor decent living wages for the plantation
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workers and basically ecological standards could all be sick on standards a lot of supermarkets are showing the way forward little research is legal and eat it. and we want to see others joining them on the on but on those and see all of these and be. complying with those social standards comes at a price however and it's not price that the farmers in ecuador are demanding the country is the world's largest exporter of bananas its main markets are the e.u. especially germany and russia. through the same time cocoa and coffee producers are also suffering under similar pressure in twenty seventeen the global price of cocoa beans collapsed and her struggle to recover since. in order to remain competitive many producers resort to recruiting child
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workers. peru is one of the world's largest gold producers extracting between one hundred fifty to two hundred tonnes of the precious metal each year while international mining companies are behind most of that or there's also a considerable amount of illegal mining in the country the proven government is now moving to stop it. peru's government has deployed fifteen hundred police and military officers to madrid in b.o.'s to stamp out gold mining operations being run by criminal syndicates. on the western side of the n.d.s. it's usually a long way from official i was illegal mining operations flourish in this rainforest region known for its biodiversity carbon rich forests and indigenous tribes the miners cause massive environmental destruction in this search for a living all gold washed down from the n.d.s. into the amazones tributaries. we're seeing here in the wilderness how
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the amazon has been deforested as criminal activities have proliferated that we cannot permit in a state of low. in with the n.h. . the minister declared a two month state of emergency and said a smaller contingent of troops would stay in the area for six months peru has tried for decades to stop the illegal mining which releases tons of mercury into the environment. the industry also drives sex trafficking and child labor. now to some of today's other business headlines around the world swiss bank u.b.s. has been fined a record three point seven billion euros by a french court for helping wealthy clients with their tax evasion prosecutors say the bank helped clients conceal assets in switzerland from tax authorities in france several of the bank's top executives also received fines for their involvement. the chief technologist at amazon robotics has denied robots are a threat to humans tide brady says far from putting people out of work automation
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is creating thousands of jobs he also says we are living in a quote golden era of robotics with new developments every single day. president trump says north korea has tremendous economic potential he was speaking ahead of next week's planned summit with kim jong il u.s. president said north korea's location between south korea and china was phenomenal and gave it a great chance of future prosperity. while the world will be again once again watching whether there's any progress on denuclearization local business owners in vietnam are also hoping for prosperity one barber and one noise has already grabbed his scissors hoping to cash in with what are widely considered two of the world's most unique gentlemens hairstyles have a look. if you're not careful you might think that u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un had already met in
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vietnam but it's just the latest hairstyle crees in the vietnamese capital annoying you can have your hair cut to look like your favorite leader like the donald. but i really like donald trump so i want to have his hairstyle. but if the trump look is not snappy enough for you there's always that handsome devil from pyongyang to copy and especially if there's already a resemblance. many people say that i look like kim jong un and this hairstyle just makes it more obvious. the supreme leader looks just about done and the us president is getting the finishing touches the famous ducktail and then of little bit of gel to make it all sit just right the hairstylist says he's doing his part for world peace. hanoi is a city of peace when donald trump and kim jong un decided to come here to talk
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about restoring peace and i think i should do something to show that people here welcomed the summit. so if you're in hanoi for the tete a tete get yourself a peace loving hairstyle that's a cut above the rest. so new styling is there and that's it for me in the business team you can always find out more about these and other stories at d w dot com slash business i'm stephen there's number as always thanks for watching.
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what's the connection between bread. and the european union. the guild montas e.w. correspondent and avid baker crap. you should know about the recipes for success and the strategies that make a difference. thank you bret. d w.
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i'm nothing but. i guess sometimes i am but nice and nothing with the time and i think deep into the german culture of. new jersey take this ground there. it's all about who. i might join me to meet again. quadriga international talk show biz. your mom too is weak in german politics than europe resolves bitter divisions over migration the government it is said stead into the abyss could friendly fire from president trump defeat one of the strongest military alliances in history point out what my guests have to say on point three go to me more three go on d w. go to the new duramax you tube channel. most good mine of stories.
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with exclusive inside. the must see concerning our times culture team you're a. place to be for curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribe it don't miss out on. a low and a very warm welcome to arts and culture i'm david leavitt's coming up on this edition the history of the female body in advertising yes sex sells but your eight hours of an exhibition here in berlin are asking should it. and we're off to italy where a delicious focaccia recipe will give you a taste of a bell pie is a beautiful country. but first it's
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a very special year for the netherlands two thousand and nineteen is rembrandt's year marking the three hundred fiftieth anniversary of the great dutch painters death and amsterdam's rights museum is pulling out all the stops for the artist whose prolific seventeenth century self portraits some say laid the groundwork for what we see today on social media. selfie with rembrandt the old monster of self portraits tourists paying almost to an artist they see as something of a role model i've been to his house and museum and i've seen that in many of his paintings you can see himself in the back and it's very funny because he was kind of the inventor of selfies. this is a nice memory of a holiday family together with a great artist behind us.


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